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Bars and drinks – Fast delivery of proteins

Before a strenuous workout to start the day and to bring the body up to speed fast, energy bars and drinks are worth it to be taken. They are enriched with proteins, vitamins and minerals, which quickly reach from the bloodstream into the body and can be absorbed. The inclusion of the proteins in the bars and beverages is accelerated by the addition of sugar. Since the body requires a lot of energy during sports, at work, and often even at home, the supply of bars and drinks helps a lot. Despite the fat burning, which takes the figure and the weight to be good, the body’s energy needs every day. To prevent faintness, circulatory problems or headaches, a concentrated bolt or a healthy drink can be used.

Differences between conventional foods and protein bars and drinks

Conventional foods which are already occupied at breakfast, often take a long time to be well digested by the body and thus entirely received, as opposed to bars and beverages. Furthermore, a lot of different foods should be eaten in order to cover the entire daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. Especially if you like doing sports, the body needs a fast energy supply to help bolts and appropriate drinks to eliminate this problem. This is the reason why the drinks and bars with the right vitamins help to balance it out.



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Who says only protein? You also have to say yes to vitamin B

You can eat as much protein as you want – and nothing will happen when vitamin B is not taken in protein metabolism. Vitamins and minerals are used to build the building blocks of proteins in the muscles and prevent acidification of the muscles. Mixes of the Slim-hormone cocktail, the membrane stabilizing each cell – ensure creativity, desire and strong nerves. This is important especially if you play a lot of sports.

Everyone knows that pantothenic makes beautiful in the skin from cream and shampoo. But Vitamin B5 also holds slim. Pantothenic acid plays a key role in the conversion of dietary protein in the body’s own proteins. Without pantothenic there is no testosterone, no growth hormone, and no adrenaline. And that means no fat loss. With 10 to 20 mg daily will progress to the growth of muscle and fat will melt.

Melatonin captures the free radicals that are stronger than vitamin C or E, which gives energy and acts against an acidification of the muscles. When a fat man has too little energy, Beta Alanine, nutrients, i.e. minerals, antioxidants, trace elements are absolutely necessary to ignite combustion processes and entertain such as Vegetable oils, vegetables and fruit, which provide you with the vitamins E, C + Beta Alanine. Anyone who plays a lot of sports particularly needs many minerals that are well received in food supplements.



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Carbohydrates – The natural boosters for your muscles!

Carbohydrates are essential for building muscle. They help to convey the important building blocks of proteins in the muscles. In addition, they provide energy and help to make the training more intense.

What exactly cause carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for your body. To build muscle, protein proteins have to be processed. Thus, the proteins can be utilized at all times; therefore must be first transported to the muscle cells. This is precisely the task of the carbohydrates.

Are all carbohydrates are equally important?

It must be kept in mind that there are different types of carbohydrates. The body can intake only the so-called branched chain, “long”, carbohydrates that effectively utilize. The other simple carbohydrates, such as sugars naturally have no nutritional value for the muscles.

When to eat carbs?

Since the adequate energy intake is important at any time, carbohydrates can be taken around the clock. In order for muscle building to be a success, it should be initiated immediately after training, that’s why a shake is recommended before and after exercise. The correct source of carbohydrates is essential and contributes significantly to the success of training!



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Creatine has become one of the most added solid supplements when it comes to building muscle mass. Numerous studies have shown the effect. But how exactly does it work?

Creatine is the base material in the body, among other wins which makes creatine phosphate stores in the muscles. During high muscular stress, the body consumes large amounts of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the fastest available energy and is then transformed to adenosine diphosphate (ADP which Creatine phosphate, re-synthesizes the body’s ADP to ATP which can then re-release the necessary energy. This leads to a delay in muscle fatigue and allows the weight training one or the other additional repetition. In addition, the Creatine adds water in the muscle, causing the muscle volume and therefore force is increased and ensures Creatine occurs in our diet mainly before with 4-5 g per kg of red meat. Thus, the Creatine stores are constantly replenished, high levels of consumption would be unhealthy necessary and that’s why the supplementation makes sense.

But not just bodybuilders who benefit put on muscle mass of the addition, but also athletes of other kinds of every sport, in which the body works during high muscular load must liberate quickly and explosively the necessary energy, achieved with the addition of a faster energy, as well as a higher endurance.



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In many areas of competitive sports known as training booster have become almost indispensable. But amateur athletes have discovered the performance-enhancing effects of these supplements for themselves. Substituting training booster in front of a particularly intense workout one, it is more concentrated than usual and puts increased endurance to light. Here, the muscle pump is promoted and is many times stronger than a typical workout. An example of a training booster supplements are based on the amino acid L-arginine. This can take the form of powder or capsules, thereby fuelling the protein metabolism. It is known that taking protein a prominent role in strengthening the muscle fibers, which is why a more rapid and efficient conversion of protein also means accelerated muscle growth simultaneously. L-arginine stimulates the processing of protein and therefor promotes muscle growth. There is a variety of different popular training booster.

For example, the chemical compound nitric oxide is a NO booster that it is a true miracle in circulation. An improved circulation allows the body to be warm faster and facilitates the transport of substances. In addition, make many Booster oxygenations easier. Oxygen is used in the mitochondria of the cells of the body to release energy. For this reason, increased oxygen content promotes performance during workouts and allows the body wrest the best possible results.

Training Booster enriches the workout and gets the best out of you!



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You’ve got a hormone in the body that makes you agile and joyful; it gives you power and charisma. This hormone is testosterone. Testosterone gives the desire for sex, sport & slim line. And that is why we suggest that you really take care because it also melts the fat away.

Testosterone is a hormone responsible for muscle growth; increase the production of hormones and for burning fat. A hormone produced by the dynamic, agile people. The alpha male of the man who enters the room – and increases testosterone levels of all others. Of course it is essential in fact that also the hormone of the alpha female. A woman with high testosterone levels is always the focus, masters her life in flight. She enters the room draws attention to herself like a hunter.

Testosterone is the hormone drive, a hormone that makes attacking happy and enjoyable. It is the second most important hormone in the male and also probably in the female body too. It decides whether we have a strong drive in the morning to hop out of bed or if it torments us. Whether you go active at work or approaching hesitant to have a good muscle building, so that’s why burning boost fat and achieve an increase in hormone production.



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WEIGHT GAINER for more muscle mass

Weight Gainer is a food supplement, in which you can quickly come closer to the goal of more muscle step by step. This concentrate is quality-calorie product, which is usually about 1/3 of egg whites and 2/3 from carbohydrates by also adding valuable minerals, vitamins and creatine, which enhances the gaining action. Target taking is to increase the body weight in the so-called mass phase. Taking Weight Gainer is recommended in any case, if you do not manage to meet your calorie needs over the normal food especially in the construction and mass phase you burn tons of calories and in a short time.

Measure out the intake of weight gaining products for more muscle building

Spread the intake to 2-3 servings a day; best mixed with low-fat milk. The increased intake of carbohydrates you should also pay attention to drink plenty of water and when portioning pay attention not to make lump details. Ultimately, of course, is also crucial how often you go to the gym and how hard you train. Do you take too much weight gainer to you, growing beside the muscle mass and the fat pads. You just have to try a little and after a certain time if you have found the right one then continue taking it. In addition, you should also pay attention to your food intake, carbohydrate and protein diet to support muscle building. So potatoes, pasta, and rice in the along with the choice of beef, poultry, and fish should be on your menu.



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Amino Acids

The main function of amino acids in the human body is the formation of protein complexes. At the genesis of protein amino acids are used up to 22, which are therefore called protein genic amino acids. There are a variety of other amino acids, but do not play a special role in muscle building. The human body takes amino acids in our diet to be in meat, fish, eggs, nuts or dairy products such as skim curd cavort countless amino acids, which then process the body as protein. Some amino acids can enter only in this way in the metabolism, since they cannot be manufactured by the body itself. These essential amino acids have in the branched chain amino acids, the so-called BCAA, again a subgenus. The BCAA include L-valine, L-isoleucine and L-leucine. These are often administered in the sport sector as a dietary supplement because they provide increased muscle power and rapid muscle recovery. In addition to the BCAA are also available in L-arginine, L-Glutamine, L-phenylalanine and L-methionine more amino acids that are often occupied by supplements. Amino acids as a dietary supplement can irritate the body to higher performance during the workout and then favour the duration of the recovery period. Central for building muscle, however, the stimulation of protein metabolism, which increased operating, makes the muscle grow faster. Because of this, amino acids are particularly suitable for strength and power athletes.