Anyone who wants to build muscle sustained or want to protect the hard rote acquired muscles from degradation, we strongly recommend the use of proteins of WOB Nutrition.

Protein is used to build muscle. The foundation for effective muscle building is put through intense strength training. This can be supported by the intake of protein. The body can only convert in toning your training, but if it provides adequate/ protein is supplied. Protein is therefore the construction material for the muscles!

We recommend a daily protein intake of approximately 2 g per kilogram of body weight per day. In particular, immediately after training, the intake of protein should be used to support the growth stimulation of the muscles. With a protein or protein shake immediately after your workout you optimize your personal training success! But also on days where you are not training the supply of protein is essential to support the continuing of muscle building.

Just look pure – we have the right protein for your training goal.