WEIGHT GAINER for more muscle mass

Weight Gainer is a food supplement, in which you can quickly come closer to the goal of more muscle step by step. This concentrate is quality-calorie product, which is usually about 1/3 of egg whites and 2/3 from carbohydrates by also adding valuable minerals, vitamins and creatine, which enhances the gaining action. Target taking is to increase the body weight in the so-called mass phase. Taking Weight Gainer is recommended in any case, if you do not manage to meet your calorie needs over the normal food especially in the construction and mass phase you burn tons of calories and in a short time.

Measure out the intake of weight gaining products for more muscle building

Spread the intake to 2-3 servings a day; best mixed with low-fat milk. The increased intake of carbohydrates you should also pay attention to drink plenty of water and when portioning pay attention not to make lump details. Ultimately, of course, is also crucial how often you go to the gym and how hard you train. Do you take too much weight gainer to you, growing beside the muscle mass and the fat pads. You just have to try a little and after a certain time if you have found the right one then continue taking it. In addition, you should also pay attention to your food intake, carbohydrate and protein diet to support muscle building. So potatoes, pasta, and rice in the along with the choice of beef, poultry, and fish should be on your menu.